Vibrating plate Masalta MS 330

Engine type: Honda GX270, power 9hp
Productivity – 650m / h
Movement speed – 35cm / s
Platform size: 670 x 890 mm.

Vibrating screed ENAR HURACAN

Petrol engine: Honda GX35 1.6 hp
Box-shaped aluminum profile: from 2 to 5m
Centrifugal force: 2000N
Frequency: 7000 rpm
Weight: 14.5 kg

Vibrating plate AGT CRBH 330

Engine type Honda GX390, power 13hp
Productivity 21m/min
Compaction depth 900 mm.
Platform size 670 x890 mm.

Joint cutter MASALTA MF16-4

Masalta MF 16-4 is a gasoline saw, designed to perform work on
cutting joints in asphalt or concrete. The cutter is equipped with a Honda GX 160 engine
with a power of 9.6 kW, which is able to process a lot of material.

Machine for drilling holes in concrete

Inventory formwork


Vibroleg MASALTA

Grinding helicopter MASALTA