Manufacturing of metal structures

 INDEPTH ENGINEERING offers you opportunity to manufacture metal structures using various technologies and methods. Despite the fact that our main field of activity is construction, we also have our own production facilities that allow us to meet the needs of customers in high-quality metal structures for construction and not only, which can ultimately reduce the cost of the total project cost.

Types of metal structures from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

Our company has a universal set of production equipment that will solve many problems in the manufacture of metal structures required in the construction industry. Of course, we do not have a full-fledged metallurgical shop, but we are able to provide thorough processing of metal products for construction needs. In particular, our capacities allow us to perform the following range of works:

  • Drilling. We use a professional Metabo drilling machine, which allows you to create holes in metal sheets up to 30 mm thick. Drilling diameter – from 6 to 24 mm.
  • Guillotine cutting of metal. Fast and efficient cutting of metal sheets with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm and a width of up to 2 m.
  • Cutting metal with vulcanite. We provide cutting corners, profiles, various pipes using a special cutting machine.
  • Plasma cutter. Allows you to perform a thin and accurate cut of metal products with a straight cut with a thickness of 4 to 25 mm without flashing.

All types of assembly and welding works. We have a large number of professional welders and assemblers on our staff who will ensure the correct installation of metal structures and perform any work on metal welding and installation of metal structures at your facility.

Five reasons to order steel structures from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

You will definitely be satisfied with the quality of our services for the manufacture of metal structures, especially if you need them for construction. After all, we offer you truly significant benefits, namely:

  1. Regulatory Compliance. We work in the construction industry, so our metal structures will definitely comply with all regulatory requirements in the construction industry.
  2. Affordable prices. Due to the presence of our own equipment, we can offer an extremely favorable price for the manufacture of metal structures.
  3. We accept your material. We can not only ensure the sale of metal structures, but also process your material in the way that you need.
  4. Integrated approach. If you are our client in the direction of construction, you can always buy metal structures at much more favorable prices.
  5. Individual solutions. We offer not only standard products, but we can always take on the implementation of an individual order.

Contact us via any communication channel convenient for you – and you will receive exactly the metal structures that are necessary for you and your activities. Write to the mail, leave a request on the website, call our phone or come to the office – and we will definitely find the most convenient and profitable cooperation option for you!