Surface plating – electric arc galvanizing

Ensuring anti-corrosion treatment of metals is extremely necessary in many areas of construction, in the manufacture of a wide variety of products and equipment. One of the most common modern methods of protecting metal products from corrosion can be called metallization. It involves applying a layer of another metal, most often zinc, to steel structures. This material, unlike iron, is covered with a layer of an oxygen-tight protective film during oxidation, which, in turn, prevents further oxidation of both the metallized coating itself and the iron under it.

Where is surface plating applied?

The advantages of electric arc metallization of structures by industrial galvanizing are that this technique is one of the most versatile and makes it possible to quickly and reliably treat surfaces subject to various increased atmospheric and chemical loads. In particular, this method is used for galvanizing structures and supports of bridges, elevators, communication towers, pipes. The relative ease of galvanizing also makes it possible to protect various parts of a variety of industrial equipment.

Unlike hot dip galvanizing, electric arc work is carried out in a gentle temperature regime. The immediate local temperature at the point of contact of the metal coating with the base does not exceed 150 °C. This allows you not to worry about maintaining the load-bearing properties of structures, the safety of welds and possible deformation due to exposure to high temperatures.

However, it must be understood that this method requires high professionalism of the specialists conducting the work. It requires compliance with both safety precautions when carrying out metallization work, and their performance in strict accordance with the processing technology and the intended purpose of the processed items. And INDEPTH ENGINEERING is able to provide you with the services of qualified specialists who will definitely achieve the expected result.

Why clients choose us

INDEPTH ENGINEERING offers you the widest range of surface plating work in a wide variety of conditions. By contacting us, you can be sure of reliable, professional, fast and high-quality galvanizing of metal surfaces by applying a protective coating by electric arc. The main advantages due to which customers choose us include the following key benefits:

Galvanizing price. We provide cost-effective galvanizing of metal structures compared to the market average. Due to the availability of all the necessary equipment in our state, long-term wholesale contracts with suppliers of consumables and a large number of partners, we can always provide the best price with high quality work.

Guarantees. The average service life of plating on iron coatings exposed to the environment is thirty years. And we are ready to guarantee that at least during this period you will not have to worry about additional anti-corrosion treatment.

Accompanying services. Before galvanizing parts, they must be properly processed – cleaned of rust residues, scale, dirt, paint. Working with us, you can order a full range of surface preparation services, for example, by sandblasting.

Legality. Our specialists have all the necessary documents and permits to carry out work in strict accordance with the requirements of the law. No obscure handymen – only professionals. We ensure the conclusion of full-fledged contracts, where all the conditions of cooperation are clearly and unambiguously prescribed.