Customers full control over construction can be carried out in different ways. However, one of the most effective methods of checking work of your subordinates, contractors, management companies and subcontractors is to provide audit of construction projects. This set of measures allows both a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the work performed after their actual completion, and makes it possible to find any flaws directly in the construction process.

Why do you need construction audit

With help of a construction audit, company that implements any construction projects or acts as their customer can immediately solve many problems. In many cases, this procedure is simply considered mandatory, and the actual customer of the project can resort to it more than once. Thus, a construction audit helps to solve the following important issues for any business:

Control over the distribution of funds. By conducting a construction audit, you will always be sure that the managers are wisely spending the funds provided to them and are managing the project in accordance with your expectations. Construction audit prevents abuses and helps to identify them, if they do occur.

  • Checking the compliance of the object with the standards. Conducting a construction audit helps not only to control the efficiency of construction, but also allows you to assess the overall quality of the work performed and the full compliance of the building under construction or already built structure with the current building standards.
  • Identification of problem areas. By conducting a construction audit, you can identify certain shortcomings in the construction process in advance and quickly eliminate them before their consequences can cause significant damage to your business.
  • Formation of reports and a package of documents. An audit allows you to create a ready-made package of documents and reports for submission to regulatory authorities or for internal use of the company for analysis purposes.
  • Preparing the property for sale. By conducting a full-fledged construction audit, the opportunities for the sale of finished objects can increase significantly, as buyers will be able to familiarize themselves with the information obtained by independent experts.
  • Conducting an inventory. One of the basic tasks in conducting an audit in many areas of activity is a quick and complete inventory of property, and a construction audit is no exception to this rule.

Thus, a construction audit is a truly wide range of services that can be useful to any company. At the same time, one should always remember that the audit of each enterprise is a purely individual procedure that requires the same individual approach.

Construction audit from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

INDEPTH ENGINEERING specializes in all aspects of construction activities, including construction audits. As part of cooperation with us, you can always count on a professional audit of your construction project – regardless of the stage at which the construction is. Why do clients choose us for construction audit? This is because we:

  • We have extensive practical experience in construction activities. The best assessment of the quality of the work performed and the entire work process in the construction industry as a whole can be given by professionals. Our company has vast experience in carrying out a wide variety of construction projects, which allows us to conduct an accurate and independent audit.
  • We apply an individual approach. We understand that your business is unique. And therefore, he will not tolerate any purely standard solutions. Even in relation to standard projects, we always find an individual approach to each client. You will certainly receive several options for cooperation, from which you will choose the most suitable in your particular case.
  • Interested in your success. We have a large database of suppliers and contractors, we always care about our business reputation. That is why only experts with significant experience in both auditing and construction are allowed to audit. In addition, we can always provide follow-up recommendations in case any problematic aspects of the construction are identified.

And remember: if you decide to order a construction audit today, it can save a significant amount of your money tomorrow. Leave a request for a callback on the website, come to our office or just call us – and you will definitely find the best solution for you in the field of construction audit!