One of the modern methods of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces is the use of sandblasting. This is a complex and complex process, involving the impact on the treated surface of sand or other small abrasive particles supplied by a powerful jet of air, sometimes using other gases or water. This technique allows in the shortest possible time to carry out external processing of various metal structures, as well as other surfaces.

What is sandblasting used for?

With the help of sandblasting, many tasks are now being solved in the field of construction, industry, production, and even in everyday life. Sandblasting is ideal for removing rust, scale, old paint from a wide variety of surfaces. INDEPTH ENGINEERING offers you to order sandblasting for the following tasks:

  • Wall processing. Sandblasting the facades of houses, both brick and wooden, allows you to get rid of old paint, clean plaster and prepare the surface for applying new paintwork or other materials.
  • Processing of metals with sand. The use of sandblasting technology is very helpful in the processing of metal structures. This method is used in order to clean the metal from rust or secondary scale, remove paint, get rid of visual defects and imperfections. An important aspect can also be called the preparation of metal surfaces for galvanizing.
  • Decorative sandblasting. In matters of working with glass and metals, sandblasting can also be used to give the processed material a rough texture, including in the form of various patterns. Most often, glass, mirrors and metal products are treated in this way.
  • Processing of boats and boats. For the processing of various floating facilities, sandblasting technology is one of the most popular. It allows both to provide a gentle abrasive effect, and at the same time to guarantee the effective removal of all contaminants from the surface and preparation for subsequent painting and varnishing.

In general, this is only a short list of the most common sandblasting applications. It can also be used to clean paving stones and floor coverings, to ensure the fitting of parts in production and industry, to clean various units and machines.

And given the variety of tasks solved with the help of sandblasting machines, it is necessary to understand that these works must be carried out strictly taking into account the specific individual needs of the customer. Modern devices may involve the use of various abrasive materials, the adjustment of the pressure force of air or other gas, the presence or absence of liquids in the jet – all this allows you to adapt the work to specific tasks in the best possible way.

Sandblasting features from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

y contacting us to order sandblasting, you will be sure of the best quality of the services provided. We work absolutely officially, with the conclusion of the contract. The advantages for which customers choose us can be defined as the following advantages:

  • Strict adherence to the law. This means that our employees are thoroughly aware of safety requirements and always use reliable and proven equipment, as well as have specialized skills. And this is the key to the absence of accidents during work, which is extremely important when performing sandblasting.
  • Professionalism and individual approach. We always evaluate the task that our client puts before us on an individual basis. This means that all sandblasting work will be carried out as required by the customer. And also the fact that you will receive several options for the provision of services at once, among which you can choose the best one in terms of cost and scope of work.
  • A wide range of services. Our company has a large number of different sandblasting machines for solving various problems. This means that you can contact us when you need metal processing, and for cleaning facades or metal structures, and for any other task that requires high-quality sandblasting equipment.
  • Complex services. INDEPTH ENGINEERING also provides other construction works, including not only sandblasting, but also surface plating by electric arc welding and any other construction tasks, up to full cycle development.