Design of development projects in real estate and inductrial projects is an extremely comprehensive and difficult task. It is necessary to carry out marketing calculations and planning for a long period, during which many factors can seriously change. And that is why for development in this area it is best to turn to professionals who know all the intricacies of housing construction.

What is included in the development package from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

Our company provides the widest range of development services in the field of housing construction. Due to this, you will be sure not only that the project will be successfully implemented, but also that it will be really in demand among buyers in the market. We offer full support for housing construction even at the planning stage, legal assistance in obtaining permits and can actually provide a full cycle of all turnkey construction works.

INDEPTH ENGINEERING uses the latest technological developments and research principles in its activities. It is due to a deep and comprehensive approach that all our projects, after their implementation, not only completely satisfy our customers, but also provide them with real profit. We always provide deep integration of all processes in the construction industry with each other and offer various options for cooperation.

As part of the development in the field of housing construction, you will receive truly unique solutions for the Ukrainian market. We do not just observe the actions of competitors and analyze current trends. Working with us, you will get a real creation of new meanings and concepts in the field of housing construction, which will allow you to offer buyers a quality new property and make a profit precisely through effective and unparalleled solutions.

Land development

Designing land plots for the purpose of their further use is a complex, complex task that requires a huge amount of resources. Conducting geological exploration, assessing the density of soils, laying communications, as well as a huge number of various bureaucratic obstacles – this is what a developer, tenant and land owner may face. And therefore it is best to entrust the work on this issue to those specialists who are well versed in all aspects of this activity.

Full cycle land development from INDEPTH ENGINEERING

The INDEPTH ENGINEERING company is engaged in a full range of work in the field of development in general, and land development in particular. Our portfolio contains dozens of completed projects, and as a result, satisfied customers who have received even more than they originally wanted. What does full-cycle development mean? This is the support of absolutely all turnkey processes. How does the process work in this case:

  1. You provide us with the necessary initial data – what exactly do you want to achieve, what is the state of the land at the moment, what is the scope of the budget of your project.
  2. We review your information on a case-by-case basis and offer a wide range of options to resolve your issue – in a variety of ways, with a range of pricing options.
  3. After that, the initial conditions are agreed within the framework of the contract, and we proceed to work.
  4. At each stage of work, if necessary, all activities undergo additional control by the customer, adjustments are made and other tasks are solved.
  5. You get an object ready for operation and you can start using it directly after the work is completed.

Please note that our company works in the field of land development and in relation to certain aspects of the work on the project. We are always ready to offer our services not only in the format of the implementation of the entire project on a turnkey basis, but also to provide only solutions to individual tasks if necessary. However, the complete transfer of all project tasks to our company will allow you to get significant savings and speed up all processes – because they will be closely connected with each other and will allow you to get the most complete and multifaceted project.

What is included in the full cycle land development package

If you need services in the field of land-development, by contacting us you will receive the widest range of all necessary activities. In particular, as part of our work with our customers, we solve the following tasks in this area:

  • Legal support of all stages of project implementation. Starting from assistance in acquiring a land plot and ending with the final commissioning of an object, you will always be sure of the professionalism of lawyers and the solution of all bureaucratic obstacles in the shortest possible time.
  • Carrying out the necessary research. Geological exploration, determining the density and parameters of the soil, the depth of groundwater – all this is included in the package of land development services.
  • Design. You will receive ready-made project documentation that fully meets all your expectations.
  • landscape design. Our company employs professionals in the field of landscape design who can create a truly interesting, attractive and easy-to-use object.
  • Procurement of materials and tools. We have an extensive database of suppliers who provide us with partner prices on favorable terms, so the project will cost you less than if you buy everything yourself.

Completion of all construction works. It is the centerpiece of any project that we are able to complete from A to Z without involving any third party contractors or subcontractors.

Development of cottage villages

The creation, design and construction of cottage settlements is an extremely specific field of activity, which must take into account many different factors. That is why it is best to turn to a specialized company to solve this problem. Through the use of professional services, it is possible not only to ensure fast and efficient construction and legal support of this process, but also to solve a number of issues related to marketing and planning, which is important in the field of housing construction, especially low-rise.

Features of the development of cottage settlements

Doing business in the field of creating cottage settlements has many subtleties and nuances that must be taken into account by developers who want to implement a successful project and not spend excessive amounts on it. The development of cottage settlements has many rather non-trivial tasks that should be solved both at the planning stage and after the actual completion of construction and commissioning of buildings. The key features of this area of ​​activity include the following specific issues:

  • The procedure for allocating land. In traditional housing construction, it is only necessary to obtain the right plot of land for building, which, although it can be problematic, is still a solvable task. In the case of cottage settlements, a much larger amount of free space is required, which implies the need to contact several owners at the same time, various government agencies and draw up a large amount of documentation.
  • Marketing calculations. Cottage settlements are a very specific niche in the real estate business that requires an extremely well-thought-out approach even at the planning stage. There are many factors that can affect the attractiveness of such a project, and there are many more to consider than in the case of traditional high-rise urban residential construction.
  • Conducting communications. Issues related to the provision of effective communications – both utilities for water supply and electricity, gasification and sanitation, and directly for the arrangement of roads, require a special solution in the case of the construction of cottage settlements.

That is why for development in cottage construction, developers most often turn to third-party companies that specialize specifically in consulting and the actual provision of the construction of such facilities. This allows for significant savings in resources, a quick resolution of all legal and bureaucratic issues, and also makes it possible to implement a truly successful project.